(Ooh-nee)  Uni is the main character of the story.  The younger brother of Sano, he's a duck who believes that he is a chicken.  As a result, he tries very hard to fit in with the other chickens on the farm because he really wants them to like him.  He is not
always successful with his plans, but he always has his older brother, and his friends Sammy and Kelly, looking out for him.
Sammy is an energetic, spunky squirrel who never hesitates to help Uni with his plans.  He is very smart and uses his knowledge of the human world to help bring Uni's ideas to life.  He is one of Uni's best friends.
Kelly is the only chicken on the farm who likes Uni and she is very kind to him.  She knows that he is very nice and she wishes the others would appreciate him more.  Because of this, she does not mind helping him and she hopes that one day, the
rest of the flock will like him for the special bird she has come to know and love.  She is also his best friend.
(Sawn-o) Sano is Uni's older brother.  He is tough, strong, and never hesitates to stand up for his baby brother.  Sometimes Uni's plans and antics annoy him, but he understands how determined Uni is to get the others to like him.  He slowly helps Uni love and 
appreciate himself and his individuality.
Dave is the head rooster and the leader of the barnyard fowl.  He does not like Uni very much and he strongly disapproves of how Uni constantly tries to fit in with his flock.  Dave is the main reason that Uni's plans tend to fail.  The other chickens usually do not hesitate to follow Dave when he pushes Uni away, and casts him out of the flock.
The Characters