"Quack-a-Doodle-Doo: Uni's Story" is a series that follows the journey of a young duck who tries really hard to fit in with those around him.  His adventures always teach him valuable lessons about his individuality.  Inspiration for the series came from observations Brittany made while taking care of her pets when she was younger. 

She states:

"As a child I helped my dad raise chickens while we lived in the country.  Along with the chickens, we also had two ducks, one of whom always seemed to prefer following the rest of the flock around rather than sticking close to his brother.  Over the years, I began to think to myself, 'he must really think he is a chicken,' and that was the spark that ignited the birth of the series."

Each of the main characters are based on  personalities that the birds seemed to develop over time.  In addition to exploring the concept of self discovery, Brittany also intends to incorporate educational aspects in her stories.  Elements such as colors, numbers, shapes, sizes, and lessons on how to take care of oneself will serve as subplots throughout the series.

"Ultimately, I hope that the children learn to love themselves for who they are, while also absorbing facts that will greatly contribute to their education," Brittany says.
About the Series